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MVP Wants Omos to Beat Reigns; LA Knight Talks Bray Wyatt; Karl Anderson-NJPW Update

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Bleacher Report catches you up on the latest news from the WWE Universe.

MVP Wants Omos to Become WWE Champion

MVP has been Omos’ manager since April, and he is hopeful that big things are in The Nigerian Giant’s future.

Appearing on Good Karma Wrestling (h/t Smita Singha Roy of Ringside News), MVP discussed his desire to see Omos at the top of the mountain in WWE:

“I hope to accomplish one thing at this point in my career and that is leading The Nigerian Giant to championship gold. He knows what it is to be a winner. He’s been a winner his entire life … The WWE Championship, I would say it’s an inevitability. We will get there, but it’s not easy … You have some amazing talents, amazingly talented people.

“For example, Roman Reigns who is the undisputed champion right now, and we’re trying to get there, but, intelligently, step by step. The Nigerian Giant Omos is smashing everyone in his path and the goal, my goal, is to see him hoist the premier championship in all of sports entertainment.”

After Bobby Lashley defeated Omos at WrestleMania earlier this year, MVP left Lashley to align himself with the largest athlete in WWE.

While Omos has largely dominated lower-level competition since, he has struggled when met with top challengers such as Lashley and Braun Strowman.

There is no question that the former college basketball player possesses immense potential, but he has a lot of developing to do, and he likely isn’t anywhere close to ready for the main event scene.

Reigns is operating at a different level than almost anyone else in the wrestling business as the undisputed WWE universal champion, and he has plenty of challengers lined up in the coming months.

Omos vs. Reigns could be a possibility much further down the line, but Omos must first prove he has the tools needed to move up the card and be a threat in the world title scene.

Knight Discusses Working with Wyatt

LA Knight has been involved in a rivalry with Bray Wyatt for the past several weeks, and he provided some insight into what it is like to work with one of the most creative minds in wrestling.

Speaking to Ethan Absler of USA Insider, Knight described what the creative process has been like between him and Wyatt:

“Working with Wyatt is a unique challenge in the sense that you’ve got two diametrically opposed personalities. You have two very different approaches to what we do and in a strange way, it almost brings together a beautiful symphony so to speak, just because of the contrasting way we do things. At the same time, those contrasting pieces can mesh together into something that’s pretty creatively satisfying and so far so good.”

The feud between Knight and Wyatt began with them interrupting each other’s interview segments, but things escalated when Knight slapped Wyatt across the face.

Since then, Knight has twice been found laid out backstage, and while Wyatt has insisted he wasn’t responsible, Knight is convinced he was the one who attacked him.

Wyatt and Knight have yet to face each other in a match, but things seem to be trending in that direction, which would be a huge step forward in Knight’s career.

Since returning to WWE at Extreme Rules in October, Wyatt has yet to compete in a match. If his first one is against Knight, it would speak to how much confidence WWE’s decision-makers have in Knight’s ability.

As Knight alluded to, he and Wyatt have very different characters and deliveries, but they are two of the best talkers WWE has to offer, and that could lead to a memorable and entertaining program.

WWE’s Anderson to Compete at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom

WWE Superstar Karl Anderson was officially booked for the Jan. 4 New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wrestle Kingdom 17 show on Wednesday following his match against Hikuleo.

Anderson and Luke Gallows returned to WWE in October after their contracts with Impact Wrestling expired, but it was a unique circumstance since Anderson was the reigning NEVER openweight champion.

While Anderson’s November title defense against Hikuleo was called off due to WWE commitments, he was permitted to have the match at NJPW’s World Tag/Super Junior Tag League finals this week.

Anderson won the match, but he was confronted by Tama Tonga afterward, and they proceeded to brawl.

According to Subhojeet Mukherjee of Ringside News, the melee with Tonga led to the official announcement of a NEVER openweight title match between Anderson and Tonga at Wrestle Kingdom.

Anderson vs. Tonga is significant not only because it is a WWE wrestler against an NJPW wrestler on a New Japan show, but also because Anderson and Tonga are both former members of Bullet Club.

The previous WWE regime led by Vince McMahon likely wouldn’t have allowed a contracted talent to work a New Japan event, but the current regime led by Triple H is seemingly more amenable to such ideas.

Anderson figures to drop the title to Tonga at Wrestle Kingdom so he can be free and clear for WWE, but it could prove to be a landmark match and moment in terms of WWE working with New Japan and other companies more openly in the future.

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