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‘StarCraft 3’ update: Blizzard appears to be teasing about a new StarCraft game

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Blizzard’s “StarCraft” is considered one of the best games in the real-time strategy genre. While fans remain hopeful that the company will eventually confirm the existence of “StarCraft 3,” it has already been more than twelve years since the second game of the series in 2010.

While Blizzard has not made any comments about the existence of “StarCraft 3,” the good thing is that the developer has not ruled out the possibility of its development. In fact, it appears to giving hints and teasing fans that a new game might be in the offing.

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra appears to be teasing StarCraft fans on Twitter and hinting about a potential new game. When “Shang-Chi” actor Simu Li posted a tweet about the next game in the franchise and captioned it with “Please save StarCraft,” Ybarra replied to the tweet with a smiley face.

In April this year, Ybarra tweeted a photo of a Protoss character with the text “My life for Aiur.” Along with the Terran and the Zerg. Protoss is one of the three playable species in “StarCraft” with Aiur as their home planet. This led fans to believe that the Blizzard boss might be hinting at an upcoming game in the franchise.

There have been some cases wherein seemingly forgotten gaming franchises got a new game even decades after the previous one. “There’s always hope available due to the series’ popularity among fans,” the publication noted. “We have also seen such an instance when Soul Hackers got a sequel after 25 years.”

But if Blizzard is really planning to develop “StarCraft 3,” it might not happen soon. The company is currently working on other projects, which means that it might be able to allocate manpower for “StarCraft 3.” TheTealMango.com reported in June that the developer is working on eight projects, including a yet unnamed survival game.

With all of these ongoing projects, it is safe to say that Activision will have its hands full in the next two years or so. This means that they can only start the development of “StarCraft 3” by then, should Blizzard decide to resurrect the franchise. According to the publication, the “StarCraft 3” release date would likely happen in either 2025 or 2027.

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