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‘Apex Legends’ Season 16 leaks: A new hop-up for the L-Star

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“Apex Legends” Season 16 release is fast approaching and players are already getting excited about what the new season could bring. While Respawn Entertainment has not yet officially revealed details, there will always be leaks giving hints to fans of what’s to come. For instance, some players now believe that they may have spotted a new feature that will likely be introduced next season.

A new hop-up in ‘Apex Legends’ Season 16

A new hop-up may be coming in “Apex Legends” Season 16. Players reportedly spotted an image showing off plans for an L-Star hop-up in one of the tooltips for the Hardcore Mode, according to ComicBook.

The hop-up can be seen in a tooltip for the Hardcore mode instructing players on how to check their weapon’s ammo without having the always-on HUD. The image used the Lastimosa Armory Energy Machine Gun (L-STAR EMG) as its model and showed the weapon’s unique HUD.

The usual slots for a barrel mod, magazine, scope and stock can be seen, but the fifth slot is present as well. “Apex Legends” players who spotted the fifth slot now believe that a new hop-up might be introduced as the slot is always reserved for hop-ups.

“Explosive Lobber Hop-Up slot on the L-STAR in the Hardcore Royale LTM “tips” section. Respawn try not to leak something from dev builds every time they post a screenshot challenge (IMPOSSIBLE),” Twitter user Osvaldatore wrote on January 25, 2023.

‘Apex Legends’ Season 16 release date speculations

The “Apex Legends” Season 16 release date will likely fall on or around February 14. With the exception of season 3, each season of Apex lasts around three months so it’s a safe bet that the next season of the first-person shooter game will debut in February.

The wait for season 16 is a little bit longer than usual because season 15 won’t end until mid-February. However, a senior producer at Respawn tweeted that the extra few weeks of wait will be “worth it.”

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