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Tyson Pedro Loses Fan Support as Modestas Bukauskas Redeems Himself After ‘Horrible End’ to Previous Stint at UFC 284

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Modestas Bukauskas scored a unanimous decision win over Tyson Pedro at UFC 284. Pedro and Bukauskas met in the octagon in a light heavyweight clash on the UFC 284 prelims. The 29-year-old Lithuanian stepped in on three weeks’ notice. However, he put up a strong show to snatch a win away from hometown hero Tyson Pedro.

“The Baltic Gladiator” made the most of the opportunity by going toe-to-toe with Pedro. The final scorecards read 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 in favor of the short-notice replacement.


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スポーツ Fans react to Tyson Pedro vs. Modestas Bukauskas at UFC 284

Pedro came into the fight having won three out of his last five bouts. He was also riding a three-fight win streak. Bukauskas had also won his last two but had lost three out of his last five.

Fans on twitter showed their appreciation for Bukauskas. Considering this was his second stint in the UFC after being cut in 2021 following three straight fights, Bukauskas showed the promotion why he belonged there.

Meanwhile, Tyson Pedro did not get much love. Fans went after the supposed fan favorite for his questionable gas tank, Some of them pointed out how Pedro has not won a fight that went past the first round.

anyone else over the hype of Tyson Pedro? just doesn’t do enough anytime outside of R1. #UFC284

— Spinnin Backfist (@SpinninBackfist) February 12, 2023

Couldn’t be happier for Modestas Bukauskas. A gem of a person who had a horrific end to his first UFC stint. Rather than feel bad for himself, he fixated on taking the steps to get back. #UFC284

— Nolan King (@mma_kings) February 12, 2023

Trend still goes, Tyson Pedro has never won a fight that went past the 1st round #UFC284

— Weasle (@ThaWeasle) February 12, 2023

Tyson Pedro got that DADA 5000 gas tank

— Super Fan🇮🇪 (@McGregorRousey) February 12, 2023

@tyson_pedro_ you are fkn terrible. You have no business in the UFC unless you’re fighting the absolute worst. You fought like a goddamn clown tonight. I hope you’re proud of yourself

— Tom West (@sbrounder) February 12, 2023


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In honor of the Super Bowl, Tyson Pedro decided to kick a field goal with Modestas Bukauskas’ balls. #UFC284

— Damon Martin (@DamonMartin) February 12, 2023

Tyson Pedro did not curry any favor with the fans after he landed a blow on Bukauskas during the fight.


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What are your thoughts on that Pedro vs. Bukauskas fight? Where do you see these fighters going next? Let us knowing the comments below.

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