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Reconsidering Your Gas Stove? Here Are 3 Electric Ranges Currently on Sale

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There has been a lot of buzz going around this week on gas stoves. Despite the fact that you’re more likely to find an electric range in an American home, there has been discussion that gas stoves might be on their way out. There are a few reasons for this: First, gas stoves have been found to cause air pollution both when in use and when they aren’t. This is particularly concerning if you have children, who are much more likely to develop asthma living in a home that uses a gas range. Secondly, gas stoves give off harmful chemicals that can aggravate the environment.

While the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission isn’t instituting a ban as of right now, Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr. tweeted that the agency “will consider all approaches to regulation.” As it happens, the Inflation Reduction Act passed last summer, which, as Trumka mentioned in a later tweet, means you could qualify for a rebate if you would like to swap your gas stove for an electric model.

The rebates are dependent upon household income, so it’s possible you could get as much as $840 covered toward your new electric stove if you qualify for full coverage. But whether you qualify for full, partial, or no coverage for a new stove, you’re still going to want some good, cost-effective options. Thankfully, GE, Whirlpool, and Maytag are all offering great electric ranges at a discount right now.

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アメリカ GE Freestanding Electric Range

アメリカ Freestanding Electric Range

アメリカ GE Freestanding Electric Range

At Best Buy, you can score a GE freestanding electric range in black or white for $550. It has four heating elements on the stove and a 5-cubic-foot single oven down below. If you’re looking for simplicity out of your first electric range, this is a great place to start.

アメリカ Whirlpool Electric Range with Keep Warm Setting

アメリカ Electric Range with Keep Warm Setting

アメリカ Whirlpool Electric Range with Keep Warm Setting

Now 25% Off

If you’re looking for a higher-end option, this Whirlpool model comes in black, white, and stainless steel and has a ceramic glass surface, a setting that keeps food warm in the oven after it’s been cooked, and a control lock button that builds an extra layer of safety into your range. This unit is also able to be freestanding or incorporated into your countertop space. Plus, you can get this range for over $200 off, making it just $100 more than the GE stove.

アメリカ Maytag Electric Range With Steam Clean

アメリカ Electric Range With Steam Clean

アメリカ Maytag Electric Range With Steam Clean

Now 21% Off

For those who still want something with a little more, consider this Maytag range. It has four heating elements and a warming center on the stovetop, a ceramic glass surface, a delayed-baking function that cooks your food at the time and duration you specify, and perhaps best of all, has built-in steam cleaning technology that makes clean-up easy. This electric range is 20 percent off at Maytag right now, which means if you qualify for the fully covered rebate, this range is still $100 less than the cap.

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