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Balancing Performance And Trust:What’s Next For Online Targeting?

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  • TechRepublic Premium

    Malware response checklist

    Whether an infection is the result of a disgruntled employee, hardware vulnerability, software-based threat, social engineering penetration, robotic attack or human error, all organizations must be prepared to immediately respond effectively to such an issue if the corresponding damage is to be minimized. Because even the best protected networks become infected, all organizations must have …

  • TechRepublic Premium

    Year-round IT budget template

    If you set up your IT budget the right way now, you can manage spending all year — and save a lot of time and effort when next year’s budgeting chores roll around. This Excel template includes tabs to help you track spending, monitor unplanned purchases, categorize expenses, and record key data like recurring payments, …

  • TechRepublic Premium

    Hiring kit: Human resources specialist

    Recruiting a Human Resources Specialist with the right mix of industry knowledge, organizational awareness, experience and technical expertise will require a robust screening process. This Hiring Kit from TechRepublic includes a salary range, job description, interview questions and a want advertisement. This will provide an adjustable framework your business can use to find, recruit and …

  • TechRepublic Premium

    Hiring kit: UX specialist

    A poor user experience can damage your company’s reputation, impede business growth and even lead to failure. That’s why it’s so important to work with a talented UX specialist who can ensure that your website and applications are visually appealing and user friendly for your target audience. This TechRepublic Premium hiring kit will help you …

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