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‘Sons of the Forest’ release date, features: New AI, mutated monsters, building and crafting

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With the “Sons of the Forest” release date finally arriving on February 23, 2023, survival horror fans are already itching to get their hands on the upcoming title. Here are some of the exciting features players can look forward to upon the game’s launch

‘Sons of the Forest’ gameplay

In the previous game “The Forest,” the protagonist is the lone survivor of a plane crash but in the upcoming “Sons of the Forest,” the protagonist opts to venture into the cannibal-ridden world in search of a missing billionaire. It’s yet unclear why he would choose to do so, but it’s likely that there’s a huge reward for finding the missing person, according to PCGamesN.com.

Fighting mutated monsters

Since “Sons of the Forest” is also a survival horror title like its predecessor, it is inevitable that the protagonists will be fighting enemies at some point. The game’s enemies are described as mutated creatures. Some still retain their human-like appearance, but others are like nothing players have ever seen before, according to Gematsu.

The game also offers a host of items that players can use to protect themselves. These include pistols, axes, and stun batons to name a few.

Building and crafting

The game also features building and crafting options that let players interact with their surroundings, increasing their chances of survival. For example, they can break sticks and start a fire, and use an axe to cut out windows and floors. They can even build cabins or compounds.

Cooperative gameplay

Brave souls, who prefer to tackle the challenges of surviving on their own, can play the game in single-player mode.

But for those who prefer to share the burden and fun with their buddies, the “Sons of the Forest” also comes with a cooperative mode. This mode allows players to share items and build defences together.

‘Sons of the Forest’ AI

“Sons of the Forest” will also feature a new AI system that is markedly different from the AI in the previous game. Characters will now be affected by hunger, thirst, and their mental state, which in turn, can alter their reactions to events.

A player’s actions will also “influence whether mutants are more likely to stick to the network of underground caves or roam the wilds above,” according to GamesRadar. The scary part is that cannibals will find “ways to coordinate their attacks” but players can also “use fear as a weapon against them.”

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