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The 30 Best Denim Shirts for Men in 2022, According to Style Experts

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ISN’T DENIM amazing? It was initially created as a durable fabric that can hold up after a long day at the factory or ranch. Denim’s unique layering process also creates beautiful fading textures, and it’s rendered in mostly blue and dark colors to hide stains. Yet denim blues, especially when indigo is used, are so universally appealing that they can be styled with almost anything. No wonder that jeans have become the most popular pants in the world.

      Denim shirts for men however, are much less appreciated, despite possessing all the same properties that make jeans so beloved. We’re here to correct that oversight and give denim shirts some love. Denim shirts are the ultimate go-to button-down shirt for guys to fall back on for an easy-to-layer, easy-to-style fit. Denim shirts can also help you pull off more bold pieces like a paisley blazer, or patchwork pants. And a reliable denim shirt can even be worn with running shorts, tuxedo pants, and just about anything in between.

      • The Essential Denim Shirt

        Barstow Western Denim Shirt

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      • The Best Dressed-Up Denim Shirt

        Classic-Fit Denim Shirt
        Polo Ralph Lauren

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      • Best Denim Work Shirt

        Italian Two Pocket Utility Long Sleeve Shirt in Denim
        Todd Snyder

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      • The Most Versatile Denim Shirt

        Relaxed Denim Shirt Jacket

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      • Best Luxury Denim Shirt

        Denim Sport Shirt
        Brunello Cucinelli

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      Let’s break down the denim shirt a bit before we get into the list. There are four categories of denim shirt plus an open ended fifth category for the exciting leftovers that don’t quite fit in with the others:

      The Oxford Style: This is a traditional button-down shirt that usually, but not always, has a chest pocket and button-down collar.
      The Western Style: This has snap buttons that are usually pearl but can be anything from black onyx to turquoise. It should have a pointed collar, yolk details on the front and back shoulder, and double chest pockets with snap button flaps. A detail to look for is that you want two or three snaps on each cuff and maybe one more on the wrist.
      The Work Shirt: This is a traditional American style work shirt that has two chest pockets. The left pocket will usually feature a pencil sleeve. The collar may have a tab, bonus points if it does. These are traditionally cut a bit longer in the body but you don’t see that very often for styling purposes.
      The Tailored Shirt: This is definitely the least common category because it is a bit counter-intuitive to make a tailored dress shirt but they look great. They have a spread collar, preferably a French placket, and are slim cut.
      The Wild Card: Designers are doing some exciting things with denim shirts these days and some of them just don’t fit into one of the above categories. We still love them all the same.

      Ahead are the 30 best denim shirts for men that will go with just about everything.

      The Essential Denim Shirt


      Barstow Western Denim Shirt

      The Best Dressed-Up Denim Shirt

      Polo Ralph Lauren

      Classic-Fit Denim Shirt

      Best Denim Work Shirt

      Todd Snyder

      Italian Two Pocket Utility Long Sleeve Shirt in Denim

      The Most Versatile Denim Shirt


      Relaxed Denim Shirt Jacket

      Best Luxury Denim Shirt

      Brunello Cucinelli

      Denim Sport Shirt

      Flint and Tinder

      Bone Button Western Shirt


      Midweight Denim Workshirt


      Western Denim Shirt in Ink

      Taylor Stitch

      The Western Shirt


      Denim Perfect Long-Sleeve Shirt in Tomkins Wash


      Regular Fit Snap Shirt

      Alex Mill

      Garment Dyed Work Jacket in Recycled Denim

      Port and Company

      Long Sleeve Value Denim Shirt


      Lined Teton Denim Shirt

      Brooks Brothers

      Regent Regular Fit Japanese Stretch Denim Shirt


      Hudson & Perry Shirt

      Golden Goose

      Distressed Bleach Denim Button-Stud Sport Shirt


      Patchwork Panel Snap Front Denim Overshirt


      Denim Button-Up Shirt in Light Blue

      Imogene + Willie

      Earl Selvedge Denim Shirt – Washed Indigo


      Woody Distressed Denim Shirt

      Howler Brothers

      Crosscut Deluxe Western Shirt

      Lucky Brand

      Sawtooth Denim Snap-Up Western Shirt

      Hudson Jeans

      Paint Splatter Raw Hem Denim Button-Up


      Denim Snap-Front Western Shirt

      L.L. Bean

      1912 Heritage Lined Shirt Jacket

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