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‘White Lotus’ Fans Are Convinced These Two Costars Are Dating

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Fans of The White Lotus are like none other. Throughout the show’s seven-week run, they traded theories about the mysterious killer, flooded Twitter with countless memes, and critiqued the costume department’s decision-making skills. The HBO drama aired its season two finale on December 11, but The White Lotus hive isn’t done prying the show apart. Now, apparently, they’re using their snooping powers for something else. That’s right, people—they’ve officially reached the digging through the cast’s personal lives stage of fandom.

It all started when Leo Woodall, who plays Jack, uploaded behind-the-scenes photos of The White Lotus cast on Instagram. At first glance, the pictures appear harmless—but cult followers of the show took a closer look and discovered their next big theory. Now, some fans have convinced themselves that Woodall is dating his co-star Meghann Fahy, who plays Daphne in the series. The actors had no scenes together in The White Lotus, but if the rumors are true, they may have gotten cozy on set. We know it sounds ridiculous to speculate—especially when the evidence comes from an Instagram photo dump—but what if those nosey detectives are right? After sorting through the pictures myself, I have to admit: it’s hard to dismiss their suspicions.

In the first picture, Woodall is standing next to Fahy, whose face is blurred out by the flash. It could be a friendly snapshot…but what if it’s something more? Swipe twice and you’ll find a flirty shot of Fahy with Woodall’s finger in her mouth. Keep swiping, and you’ll discover picture after picture of Fahy and Woodwall who appear to be, well…close. If that’s not enough proof, check out the comments and read the most damning evidence of all—a note from Fahy that reads, “I love you! I love these! I love you!,” followed by Woodall’s mushy response. He replied, “I love you right back.”

Neither actors have confirmed the rumors, and honestly, they don’t have to. It’s none of our business. But between you and me, this wouldn’t be the first time that White Lotus fans were on to something. In that case, congratulations to Fahy and Woodall for co-starring on a truly fabulous series—and (maybe!) finding love along the way.

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